Setting up Team Foundation Server (TFS)

The project is just starting and before even thinking about how to create the code, we need to do some application life cycle management. Team Foundation Server offers an online edition since few months and I believe it is the perfect software for this open source online application. You can get an account at Once logged, you can create you own repository. I have created one named “” which is the name of the website.

TFS online provides many tools. First, it has the TFS source control. All code will be located online with TFS. TFS and Visual Studio is tightly coupled with TFS which confirm the use of TFS. TFS also gives a good platform for activities. This is essential if we want to track the work to be done, bug tracking and future features to add. It has also a build server and testing capability. Since we are creating a enterprise website and not only a simple Asp.Net MVC tutorial, we will create unit test and we will execute automatized unit tests. Finally, TFS online offer the possibilities for deployment. Since this website is about how to create an Asp.Net MVC from the beginning to the end, we want to deploy everything in a later stage.

The TFS account used for this project is mine : and the project name is (which will have its English version at

Once created, it is the time to synchronise Visual Studio with TFS. Open Visual Studio and click Open from Source Control..

A window popup opens with the possibility to select a Team Foundation Server. I enter the URL that I have previously specified in this blog post and hit enter. From here, I can see all Team Projects available. I choose the project and hit Connect.

This step synchronize TFS and Visual Studio. It is possible to control TFS from Visual Studio with the Team Explorer tab.

I will end this post here and continue later. The next step is to create some Work Items. Work Items are element for managing the work to be done on the project. Since it is a big project that will be built part-time on spare time, it is a good idea to keep track of what needs to be done.

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