Course Description

If you're looking for an ASP .NET MVC course with

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  2. Covers all topics
  3. Focused on code practices and bits of theory
  4. Real world project development
  5. Follows best practices
  6. Long term peer relations to help and guide

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Course Curriculum



  • Setting up development environment
  • Basics of C#
  • MVC Architecture
  • Basic ASP .Net MVC App
  • MVC in Action
  • MVC Related questions answers, basics quiz etc


ASP .Net MVC Fundamentals

  • Controllers
  • Actions
  • Models
  • Views
  • View Models
  • Action Results
  • Action Parameters
  • Routing
  • Data Passing between Layers
  • Related Topics, Q/A, Quizzes etc


Modular Data Structoring

  • Modules Identification
  • Setting Up Modules
  • ORMs Introduction
  • Entity Framework
  • Database First and Code First Techniques
  • Migrations and Database Updating
  • Objects Querying
  • Data Passing between modules
  • Basic Data Structures Project via MVC
  • CRUD Operations
  • Related Topics, Q/A, Quizzes etc


Data Validations

  • Data Validations
  • Data Annotations
  • Form Validations
  • JavaScript Validation
  • Validation Styling
  • Back-end Validations
  • Custom Validations
  • Related Topics, Q/A, Quizzes etc


Developing User Interfaces

  • Basic Forms
  • Markup
  • HTML5 Controls
  • Handling Themes
  • Adding custom features in themes
  • Helper Classes
  • Related Topics, Q/A, Quizzes etc



  • Web APIs
  • Restful Convention
  • Developing APIs
  • Testing APIs
  • Using APIs in projects
  • Related Topics, Q/A, Quizzes etc


Front End Development

  • jQuery functionalities on View
  • Data Tables
  • Sweet Alerts
  • AJAX Calls
  • Single Page Applications
  • Angular JS and a basic Project
  • Related Topics, Q/A, Quizzes etc


ASP .Net MVC Identity Framework

  • Microsoft Identity Framework Intro
  • Authentications
  • Authorisation
  • User Roles
  • Roles Restrictions
  • Social Login using Facebook
  • Related Topics, Q/A, Quizzes etc


Data Optimizations

  • Caches
  • Sessions
  • Asynchronisation
  • Chrome Developers Tools
  • Related Topics, Q/A, Quizzes etc


Project Development

  • Requirements Modelling
  • Entities and Objects
  • Project Structuring
  • Modules Creations
  • Project related work


Application Deployment

  • Deployment Settings
  • Database Deployment
  • Configurations
  • Logging Errors
  • Custom Error Pages

These are some of the topics that will be covered in course. In addition, new industry practices and concepts will be covered as well.

Schedule & Fees

On average this course duration is scheduled to be 3 months with four 1 hour classes in a week at your selected days and timings. Exceptions can be made for students who want to complete course before 3 months and have prior knowledge of ASP .Net MVC concepts.

Course fee is 100 USD per month. First demo class is free of cost.

Why Take Our Course?

Free tutorials and YouTube videos only introduce you to a few concepts and students find themselves jumping from one tutorial to another to fill the missing gaps. Plus, many of these free tutorials, including tutorials published on official ASP .NET website, teaches you poor practices. By taking our course, you'll be confident that you're with an experienced developer and instructor, right from the beginning all the way through to the very end. Your tutor will also be in direct contact with you on Skype.


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